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Lara Silva

Founder of Deep Rooted Stillness 
Los Angeles, CA

I came to this work at a time when my anxiety became difficult to manage on my own and found that through the act of grounding down into my body and touching upon the Stillness that lies therein, I experienced a deeper connection to my own inner knowing.  

The profound impact of this work inspired me to become a practitioner.  I trained for two years under my mentor, Angelica Singh, in the Embodiment Process™ Foundational Training Program, the foundation of which is biodynamic craniosacral therapy.  

Throughout my training and practice, I continue to witness others make significant shifts in their own consciousness.  One of my greatest strengths is my ability to ground myself and my clients with a steadiness that allows me to hold a still and sacred space encouraging a deeper level of opening to the dynamic forces within.

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Meet Lara Maria Silva of

Deep Rooted Stillness in Hollywood

Voyage L.A., May 2019

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